A culture founded on a collective desire to achieve

In 1987, offering IT solutions without a lot of the overhead or layers of middlemen, founder Roger Cady delivered for his clients, while discovering the satisfaction that he was searching for at work and home. He took pride in his work and ownership of his projects, resulting in high quality information technology services for his clients.

As customers requested more IT resources, Roger recruited like-minded people who shared in a passion for IT. These talented professionals had a lot in common – related technical skills, similar work ethic and the same commitment to family. These guiding principles forged the origins of DBDS over 30 years ago and help make the culture what it is today.

At its core, the DBDS culture is comprised of talented people and fortified by the belief that total customer satisfaction and employee achievement are not mutually exclusive, but moreover, dependent on each other for success. Fundamentally, DBDS believes that people who love their job produce better results. They recognize, encourage and reward employees on their own merit for outstanding effort on behalf of their clients. Their culture promotes creativity, independence, initiative and accountability in every facet of the firm. DBDS adheres to the original idea of realizing the fruits of one’s own labor and being able to celebrate those positive outcomes with friends and family. This entrepreneurial spirit permeates everything that DBDS does as an organization.

Many employees and staffers are long-tenured. DBDS respects each other and celebrates diversity, realizing that good ideas come from everyone. Management, recruiters and candidates collaborate harmoniously, creating a winning solution for customers. That’s why, from the leadership team to the entry-level IT professionals, DBDS operates under the premise of freedom to succeed.