Forbes- Never, Ever Go To A Job Interview Without These 10 Things

A great article for anyone on the job market. “The key to a great job interview is preparation.  Your research not only equips you with information that will help you create the connection you want to make at the job interview.  You should plan on at least two hours of preparation time before an interview.  If that […]

A Brighter Job Market, for Some

New college graduates looking for their first full-time job have reason to be optimistic. After a string of dismal to lackluster years, the job outlook brightened considerably for the class of 2015. And despite uncertainty about the strength of the economy, recruiters, on-campus career specialists and economists remain generally upbeat about prospects for this year’s […]

7 Ways To Jump-Start A Stalled Job Search

Check out this great article from Forbes about how to change up your job search: When clients with stalled searches first contact me, they often see the cause as something beyond their control. They tell me “I’m too old (or young),” “I’m overqualified (or underqualified),” “there are no jobs,” “I’ve sent in countless applications with no […]

7 Interview Questions You Must Ask

Check out this article by Forbes giving great questions you should ask in an interview. Throughout the interview process we’re usually so focused on being the ideal candidate we neglect to do our due diligence on our prospective employers. I don’t mean the basic reconnaissance required for interview preparation. I’m referring to asking the right questions about the […]

Tips to get ahead: 10 experts speak up

Workers seeking to get ahead in their careers need to rely less on their talent and their experience and more on personal brand and relationship with their boss, career experts say. Ten leading career advisers and human resources consultants have provided tips to workers who wants to further develop their career.

Stop Screwing Up Your Job Search In These Ten Ways!

From submitting illegible résumés to blurting salary numbers in the first interview to wasting precious hours applying to the black hole of online job listings, job seekers make a series of common and egregious errors. Here is the accumulated wisdom of three longtime coaches, Sarah Stamboulie, Anita Attridge and Ellis Chase.

Brutal Job Search? You May Be Shooting Too Low…

Remember that people hire people who can relieve their pain. They don’t want their new hires to create new pain for them! If you feel like you’re pushing a rock uphill every day in your job search, chances are good that you’re shooting too low.  

Hone your phone skills to land your next job assignment!

Are you comfortable presenting yourself and your ideas with just your voice to represent you? How confident are you that you could “pass” a phone screening as a job applicant? How would you go about preparing for a telephone interview? This week, I have asked professional recruiter Nancy Anton to share some tips on how to prepare […]