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Are you having trouble supporting your growing technical infrastructure?  Can your help desk keep up with the demand?  Are system outages affecting your business?  Do you want to reduce your technical footprint and take some of your systems to the cloud?

DBDS can help resolve any and all of these problems. We have best-in-class managed services to help support your help desk, network, computers, servers, storage and voice.  In addition, we can help you in a consulting arrangement to fix a specific issue. More and more of our customers are taking advantage of cloud computing and eliminating the challenges and costs of keeping software and servers patched and updated.  If this is one of your needs, let us educate you on the advantages of cloud computing and help you get there. 

What We Offer

  • Data Center Support 

  • Cloud Strategies and Support  

  • Networking and Security 

  • Storage Strategies and Support 

  • Voice and Collaboration 

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