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DBDS has years of experience performing system integration and divestiture projects of all sizes based on our customers’ needs.  Our experience has been with both mid-sized companies and at the enterprise level with many systems, interfaces and large complex infrastructures. 

Do you have redundant systems that need to be consolidated and costs that need to be reduced?  Do you have multiple locations that need to be merged to one?  Have you recently sold a portion of your business to another company and you need to separate systems and data?  Whether it is an integration or divestiture, we have the experience and strategies that we can efficiently execute to get you to your desired target on time and on budget.

What We Offer

  • Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture Strategy and Execution 

  • Program and Project Management 

  • Data Migration – Strategy and Execution 

  • Contract and License Management 

  • Communication Strategy and Execution 

  • Transition Services Agreement Support 

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