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DBDS’s Funded Payroll Service is unique within the Industry. We provide service not software! HKA will fund and process your payroll, provide benefits, and reduce your liability.

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Cash Flow Savings

  • DBDSs funded payroll services will allow for significant cash flow savings! Additional areas that can positively impact your bottom line are worker’s compensation, utilization rates savings, reduction in operating costs, and employee benefit cost reductions.

  • DBDS’s costing is a fixed costing model that allows your organization to expand and contract without the aggravation of trying to balance back office workflow cost.

  • Standard Payroll Providers offer payroll software, no funding, and ala carte fees for all specific line item services rendered.

Reduced Liability

  • When DBDS processes your payroll, we take on the responsibility for government related compliance, inclusive of ACA administration and IRS reporting, E-verify, FLSA, DOL, OFCCP, and FMLA. We also handle other employee related requirements, such as mandated employment taxes, worker’s compensation, and general liability. This shared liability can save your company significant time & money.

  • When you run your payroll through a Standard Payroll Provider, you take on full employee responsibility as it relates to all government related compliance & mandates.

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