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Why recruiters aren’t calling you

Applying for jobs is nerve-racking, period. It doesn’t matter what your level of experience is or your age in the game, the waiting and wondering that happens the moment after you hit the submit button on your application can be downright maddening. Here’s some reasons why the waiting can take so long–reasons you might not […]

How to Write a Tech Résumé

A résumé is the story of you, limited to one page, that tells an employer why they should hire you for a tech position. It is a collection of your best professional moments, arranged to highlight your skills and experience. If executed properly, it will prove a major element in securing you that awesome new […]

5 Things Every Employer Wants To Hear In An Interview

Ever wonder what a potential boss wants to hear in an interview? What exactly can you say that will increase your chances of receiving a job offer? I recently heard some great advice that lined up with my previous experience as a human resources manager, and so I thought I would share this great advice […]

Tips for successful job interviewing on Skype

In today’s competitive talent market, understanding and using technology is expected. A person who is enthusiastic and curious about technology will be far better off than candidates who believe they already know enough about technology and don’t need to progress any further.  The following article will help you prepare for your potential Skype interview! Tips […]

5 key areas to target when branding your resume

Customizing your resume for each position you apply to can be critical in today’s job search. It’s vitally important that your resume conveys you are a perfect match for the job. So, what’s the best approach for branding your resume?

How To Explain Those Gaps In Your Resume And Impress Employers

As we already know, the purpose of the cover letter is to work in conjunction with your resume to impress employers and elevate your application to interview stage. If you have blazingly obvious gaps between employment on your resume, you needn’t fall into a vortex of panic, fearing it will hinder your chances of ever […]

Three common profile mistakes – Social Media

Your career profile on LinkedIn, your website, or your Facebook business page needs to give a quick overview of your skills and accomplishments. Busy people have short attention spans. This article will give you  tips and tricks to help grab and keep the attention of potential employers! Three common profile mistakes